DD15 Operator Guide – First Time Start Preparation

First Time Start Preparation

When preparing to start a new or newly overhauled engine which has been in storage, perform all of the operations listed below. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious engine damage.‪

Be sure you are familiar with all of the instruments, gauges, and controls which are needed to operate the engine.‪

Note especially the location and function of the following:‪

  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Low oil pressure warning light
  • Coolant temperature gauge
  • High coolant temperature warning light
  • Water in fuel warning light in the side of the fuel filter module
  • Air restriction indicator

Watch for any signs of engine problems when starting or driving. If the engine overheats, uses excessive fuel or lubricating oil, vibrates, misfires, makes unusual noises, or shows an unusual loss of power, turn the engine off as soon as possible and determine the cause of the problem. Engine damage may be avoided by a quick response to early indications of problems.‪

When starting the engine in cold weather, refer to “How to Select Coolant”


EPA07 DD15 Operator’s Guide – DDC-SVC-MAN-0003
Generated on 10-13-2008