DD15 Operator Guide – Stopping the Engine

Stopping the Engine

Stop an engine under normal operating conditions as follows:‪

  1. Reduce engine speed to idle and put all shift levers in the neutral position.


    Do not stop a turbocharged engine immediately after a high-speed operation. Allow a sufficient cool-down period to prevent the turbo from continuing to turn without an oil supply to the bearings.‪

  2. Allow the engine to run between idle and 1000 rpm with no load for five minutes. This allows the engine to cool and permits the turbocharger to slow down. After five minutes, shut down the engine.

    Note: Cool down idling can take place after pulling off the interstate and finding a parking spot or backing into a dock. Shutting the engine off immediately retains more block heat than if the engine runs at idle for five minutes.

EPA07 DD15 Operator’s Guide – DDC-SVC-MAN-0003
Generated on 10-13-2008