DD15 Operator Guide – Monitoring Engine Operation

Monitoring Engine Operation

While the engine is operating, monitor the battery charge indicator light, the oil pressure and avoid excessive idling.‪

Battery Charge

The battery charge indicator light must go out once the engine starts.‪

If the indicator light comes on while the engine is running, do the following:‪



To avoid injury from fire, keep all potential ignition sources away from diesel fuel, including open flames, sparks, and electrical resistance heating elements. Do not smoke when refueling.‪

  1. Shut down the engine.
  2. Charge or replace the batteries as needed.
  3. If necessary, visit the nearest authorized dealer to have the alternator voltage and output checked. Do a load test on the batteries.

Oil Pressure

When the engine has reached its normal operating temperature, the engine oil pressure must not drop below the following values:‪

  • 55 psi (380 kPa) at rated speed
  • 14 psi (97 kPa) at idling speed

If oil pressure drops below these values, stop the engine and determine the cause.‪

Excessive Idling

Never allow the engine to idle for more than 30 minutes. Excessive idling can cause oil to leak from the turbocharger.‪

EPA07 DD15 Operator’s Guide – DDC-SVC-MAN-0003
Generated on 10-13-2008