DD15 Operator Guide – Engine Brake and Cruise Control

Engine Brake and Cruise Control

If your engine is equipped with both Cruise Control and an engine brake, the engine brake can operate automatically while you are in Cruise Control. If the Cruise Control/Engine Brake function is turned ON in the DDEC VI system programming, the engine brake will come on “low” when your set road speed increases a few miles-per-hour (kilometers per hour) above your cruise set speed. If your speed continues to increase, the DDEC VI system will increase the engine brake’s braking power progressively. When the vehicle returns to the set cruise speed, the engine brake will turn off until you need them.‪

For safety reasons, don’t use Cruise Control when it is not possible to keep the vehicle at constant speed due to: ‪

  • Winding roads
  • Heavy traffic
  • Slippery pavement
  • Descending grades calling for engine brake assistance

For an explanation of the engine brake system and recommendations for proper operation, refer to chapter “Engine Brake System”

. ‪

EPA07 DD15 Operator’s Guide – DDC-SVC-MAN-0003
Generated on 10-13-2008