DD15 Engine Coolant Level Sensor

The ECL Sensor provides an input to the engine protection system and warn the operator if a low coolant level has been reached.‪

The main component of the ECL Sensor consists of a conductivity probe, which connects to the CPC (see Figure “Engine Coolant Level Sensor Specifications” ).‪

The probe has an operational temperature range of -40 to 257°F (-40 to 125°C). Exposure to temperatures beyond this range may result in unacceptable component life, or degraded sensor accuracy.‪

Figure 4. Engine Coolant Level Sensor Specifications

The OEM must connect the ECL Sensor probe as shown in the next illustration (see Figure “Engine Coolant Level Sensor Installation for CPC” ). Polarity of the ground and signal must be correct for proper operation. ‪

Label‪ CPC Connector #3, 21–pin Cavity (2)‪ Wire Color‪ CLS Connector (3) Cavity‪
Coolant Level‪ 3/11‪ ORN‪ A‪
Ground (1)‪ 3/2‪ BLK‪ B‪

Figure 5. Engine Coolant Level Sensor Installation for CPC

The probe should be located in either the radiator top tank or a remote mounted surge tank. It should be mounted horizontally in the center of the tank and must be in a position to signal low coolant before aeration occurs. Typically, this is a height representing 98% of the drawdown quantity. The probe should be located so that it is not splashed by deaeration line, stand pipe or coolant return line flows. The insulated portion of the probe should be inserted into the coolant 1/2 in. or more past the inside wall of the tank. See Figure “Engine Coolant Level Sensor Location – Top of Radiator Tank” .‪

 1. Coolant Full Level (cold)‪  3. Aeration Begins‪
 2. Level Representing 98% of Drawdown Quantity‪

Figure 6. Engine Coolant Level Sensor Location – Top of Radiator Tank

‪Determine proper location for low coolant level sensor while running the drawdown test. It must actuate a warning before the satisfactory drawdown level is reached.‪

The ECL Sensor components are OEM supplied hardware and can be purchased as kits or individual components, depending on OEM requirements.‪

The sensor must be enabled with VEPS or the DRS as listed in Table “Enabling the Engine Coolant Level Sensor” .‪

Parameter Group‪ Parameter‪ Options‪ Default‪
32‪ Cool Level Sensor Input Enable‪ 0 = Disabled‪

1 = Dual Level Probe Sensor (IMO), fixed threshold*‪

2 = Single Level Probe Sensor, temp dependent‪

3 = Dual Level Float Sensor (FTL), fixed threshold/FTL Gentec‪

4 = Single Level Probe Sensor, fixed threshold‪

Table 10. Enabling the Engine Coolant Level Sensor

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