DD15 OEM-installed Sensors

All sensors must be of the proper type and continuously monitor vehicular and environmental conditions, so the MCM can react to changing situations.‪

The OEM is responsible for installing the sensors listed in Table “Function and Guidelines for OEM-installed Sensors” .‪

Sensor‪ Function‪
Ambient Air Temperature Sensor‪

(AAT Sensor)‪

Senses ambient air temperature specifically for the Ambient Air Temperature Override Disable feature or for OI. Refer to “17.7.3 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor” .‪
Engine Coolant Level Sensor (ECL Sensor)‪ Senses coolant level for engine protection. Refer to “17.7.4 Engine Coolant Level Sensor” .‪
Turbo Compressor In Temperature Sensor‪ Senses the temperature of the turbo compressor inlet.‪

Refer to “17.7.7 Turbo Compressor In Temperature Sensor” .‪

Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)‪ Senses vehicle speed for Cruise Control and Vehicle Speed Limiting. Refer to “17.7.8 Vehicle Speed Sensor” .‪
Table 4. Function and Guidelines for OEM-installed Sensors

* Available in some applications

Note: The OEM harness must be securely fastened every six (6) in. It is required that the harness be fastened within six (6) in. of the sensor.

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