DDEC MULTI ECM Add Coolant Level Sensor

The Add Coolant Level Sensor (ACLS) is used to warn the driver that the coolant level is below the recommended level. If the tank is equipped with an “ADD” level, the sensor should be installed there. This sensor will be activated approximately midway between the cold full level and the level where the standard (engine protection) CLS is located. See Figure 3-34.

The ACLS probe is connected to a separate module. See Figure 3-35. The module provides an output to drive an indicator light on the dash, or can be used with the Maintenance Alert System (MAS) for the installation of a Coolant level Low Light.

When the ACLS is used with MAS, an additional module (P/N: 23524054) is required to condition the sensor signal. The module output will be connected to a pigtail on the DDC supplied Engine Sensor Harness. See Figure 3-36 for wiring schematic. This sensor must be enabled with VEPS (Release 24 software or later) or the DDEC Reprogramming System

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