DDEC MULTI ECM Exhaust Temperature Sensor

Excessive exhaust temperature may indicate a concern with the fuel system or a mechanical fault. An Exhaust Temperature Sensor will provide early warning and prevent damage for certain applications. See Figure 3-39.

Exhaust Temperature Sensor Installation

Kits containing the exhaust temperature sensor harness and sensor are available from Canton Parts
Distribution Center. The kits are listed in Table 3-10.

To install the exhaust temperature sensor, see Figure 3-40.

1.Unplug the connector from the TBS.
2. Plug the exhaust temperature sensor harness connector (P/N: 12162182) into the TBS.
3. Plug the TBS connector (from the ESH) unplugged in step 1, into the 3–pin connector on the exhaust temperature sensor harness.
4. Route the harness along the ESH toward the ECM-VIH 30–pin connector. Remove the VIH 30–pin connector from the ECM.
5. Insert the single lead (circuit 137) into cavity D3 of the VIH 30–pin connector. Crimp the terminal on the lead and pull to seat.
6. Install the VIH 30–pin connector again.
7. Route the body of the harness to the location of the exhaust temperature sensor and plug
the connector (P/N: 12103784) into the sensor.

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