DDEC MULTI ECM Timing and Synchronous Reference Sensors

The Timing and Synchronous Reference Sensor (TRS) is a variable reluctance type sensor that indicates crank position of every cylinder.

The Synchronous Reference Sensor (SRS) indicates a specific cylinder in the firing order.

The SRS and TRS are mounted in the flywheel housing for the Series 2000 engine. If the standard option flywheel housing is used, the SRS and TRS are the same for the Series 2000 engine as those used for the Series 60 engine.

See Figure 3-20 for the Series 50 engine, Series 60 engine and Series 2000 engine TRS and SRS.

See Figure 3-21 for the Series 4000 engine TRS and SRS.

See Figure 3-22 for the Series 92 6/8V engine, Series 92 8V engine and Series 71, 12V engine TRS and SRS.

See Figure 3-23 for the Series 149 engine and the Series 92 12/16V engine TRS and SRS.

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