MBE 900/4000 SID 233 – Pld-Mr Fault (Erroneous Data)

Description of SID 233 – Pld-Mr Fault (Erroneous Data)

SID 233 indicates that a fault has occurred in the PLD-MR, making the PLD-MR data erroneous.‪

This diagnostic condition is typically:‪

  • PLD-MR Failed or Programmed Incorrectly (233 12).
  • Incorrect or Misprogrammed PLD-MR (233 14).

The PLD-MR or engine-resident control unit is located on the left-hand side of the engine. See Figure “Location of PLD-MR Control Unit” . The PLD-MR is connected by a proprietary datalink to the DDEC-VCU. All necessary data and information is exchanged through the datalink. The DDEC-VCU then broadcasts all information on the J1587 and J1939 data links, where it can be read by minidiag2.‪

Figure 1. Location of PLD-MR Control Unit

Note: To obtain a replacement PLD-MR control unit, all data given on the control unit data plate is required. The data plate is located on the face of the PLD-MR unit.

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