MBE 900/4000 SID 64 – Camshaft Position Sensor Fault

Description of SID 64 — Camshaft Position Sensor Fault

SID 64 indicates that during engine operation, a fault occurred with the camshaft position sensor.‪

The Camshaft Position sensor (CMP sensor) senses camshaft position. The camshaft position is used to calculate crankshaft position, specific cylinder positions, and engine speed for functions such as fuel control strategy.‪

The diagnostic condition is typically:‪

  • Open Circuit (64 03)
  • Short to Ground (64 04)
  • Time Out (64 08)
  • Pins Swapped (64 14)

See Figure “Sensor Location on the MBE 900 Engine” for the sensor locations on the MBE 900 engine.‪

 1. Oil Combination Sensor‪  5. Barometric Pressure Sensor (Integrated into PLD-MR)‪
 2. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor‪  6. Camshaft Position Sensor‪
 3. Boost Air Combination Sensor‪  7. Crankshaft Position Sensor‪
 4. Supply Fuel Temperature Sensor‪

Figure 1. Sensor Location on the MBE 900 Engine

See Figure “Typical MBE 900 Engine Harness” for typical MBE 900 engine harness.‪

Figure 2. Typical MBE 900 Engine Harness

See Figure “Sensor Location on the MBE 4000 Engine” for the location of the MBE 4000 camshaft/crankshaft sensors.‪

 1. Camshaft Position Sensor‪  2. Crankshaft Position Sensor‪

Figure 3. Sensor Location on the MBE 4000 Engine

See Figure “Typical MBE 4000 Engine Harness” for a typical MBE 4000 engine harness.‪

Figure 4. Typical MBE 4000 Engine Harness

See Figure “PLD-MR and Harness Connectors” for the 55-pin and 16-pin connectors.‪

 1. PLD-MR‪  3. Vehicle Electrical Connector (16-pin)‪
 2. Engine Electrical Connector (55-pin)‪

Figure 5. PLD-MR and Harness Connectors

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