Series 60 Intake Manifold Parts

On diesel engines, the intake charge air is routed to the individual cylinders by an intake manifold that is bolted to the cylinder head with seven bolts. The mating surface of the manifold and cylinder head is machined. The intake manifold is sealed to the cylinder head with three 2-port graphite coated gaskets. If the manifold is removed, new gaskets must be installed to maintain seal under higher boost pressure. A turbo-boost pressure sensor is mounted to the intake manifold with two bolts. An O-ring seals the boost sensor where it enters a hole in the manifold. On DDEC III/IV engines there is an air temperature sensor located on the bottom of the manifold. The intake manifold air inlet is attached to the CAC ducting and the air compressor using flexible hose and clamps.

1. Intake Manifold Inlet ‪ 6. Air Temperature Sensor ‪
2. Bolt (2) ‪ 7. Turbo Boost Sensor Bolt ‪
3. Intake Manifold Gasket ‪ 8. Turbo Boost Sensor ‪
4. Cylinder Head ‪ 9. O-ring ‪
5. Bolt (5) ‪ 10. Intake Manifold


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