Series 60 Recirculation Valve

The Series 60G automotive GT42 turbocharger requires a boost recirculation valve to reduce air system pressure pulsations and turbocharger surging during engine throttling operations. The recirculation valve is remote-mounted by the OEM and routes air from the high-pressure boost side back to the air inlet side during deceleration. The recirculation valve is a large solenoid valve that is triggered to open by DDEC through a digital output pin of the ECM.

1. Recirculation Valve Body ‪ 3. 2-pin Connector ‪
2. 12V Coil ‪ 4. Bracket ‪

Replacement of the Recirculation Valve for Series 60G Automotive Engine
The recirculation valve isa non-serviceable component and should be replaced as a unit. No adjustment is required. ‪

Removal of the Recirculation Valve for Series 60G Automotive Engine
Remove the recurculation valve as follows: ‪

Disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses from the valve.
Disconnect the two-pin electrical connector.
Remove the two bolts that attach the recirculation valve to the mounting surface.
Note: The valve has a mounting bracket attached to its body. Do not remove the bolts in the valve body to gain access to the valve. Removal of these bolts can expose the valve diaphragm and cause permanent damage.

If replacing the unit, remove the inlet and outlet fittings from the valve.
Installation of the Recirculation Valve for Series 60G Automotive Engine
Install the recirculation valve as follows: ‪

Position the valve on the mounting surface and secure it in place with the two mounting bolts.
Note: Ensure the arrow on the base of the valve corresponds with the flow of air from the turbo outlet side to the turbo inlet side.

Connect the inlet and outlet hoses to the valve fittings.
Connect the two-pin electrical connector.
Check for any leaks in the system.

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