Series 60 Crankshaft Bearings

The crankshaft main bearing shells are precision made and are replaceable without machining. They consist of an upper bearing shell seated in each cylinder block main bearing support and a lower bearing shell seated in each main bearing cap.

The upper and lower bearing shells are located in the respective block and bearing cap by a tang. The tang is located at the parting line at one end of each bearing shell. The tangs are offset from center to aid correct insertion. Bearing shell sets are supplied as a matched assembly and should not be mixed. ‪

A hole in each upper bearing shell registers with a vertical oil passage in the cylinder block. Lubricating oil, under pressure, passes from the cylinder block oil gallery by way of the bearing shells to the drilled passage in the crankshaft, then to the connecting rods and connecting rod bearings. The upper bearing shell is also grooved. ‪

The lower main bearing shells have no oil holes or grooves. Therefore, the upper and lower main bearing shells must not be interchanged. ‪

1. Upper No. 6 Thrust Washers ‪ 8. Main Cap No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 ‪
2. Crankshaft ‪ 9. Lower Thrust Bearing Shell ‪
3. Lower No. 6 Thrust Washers ‪ 10. Woodruff Key ‪
4. Lower No. 6 Thrust Bearing Shell ‪ 11. Upper Thrust Bearing Shell No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 ‪
5. Washer ‪ 12. Cylinder Block ‪
6. Bolt ‪ 13. Upper No. 6 Thrust Bearing Shell ‪
7. No. 6 Main Cap ‪

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