Series 60 Cylinder Block and Liner Diagram

An integral coolant inlet manifold is cored into the right side of the block. It distributes the water pump output along the length of the block. Oil galleries are machined into the cooler side of the block.

Flanges at the liner upper ends seat in counter bores in the block deck, and project slightly above the deck to compress the head gasket for a good compression seal. Below the water jacket the lower end of the cylinder liner has two D-shaped seal rings and a lipped crevice seal to prevent leakage between the water jacket and crankcase. ‪

1. Cylinder Block ‪ 4. Cylinder Liner ‪
2. D-rings ‪ 5. Integral Coolant Inlet Manifold ‪
3. Crevice Seal ‪ 6. Oil Galleries

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