Series 60 Viscous Vibration Damper Parts

The viscous damper assembly consists of a sealed outer shell, an internal flywheel and a quantity of highly viscous fluid.

A vibration damper safety shield is recommended in industrial and marine applications in which the engine operates without a hood or other protective covering in an open or unprotected area. ‪

A properly designed and installed safety shield protects the damper from damage, prevents direct physical contact with the damper during engine operation, and significantly reduces the potential for damper-related personal injury. ‪

Detroit Diesel Corporation does not manufacture, sell or install vibration damper safety shields due to the wide variety of installations in which Detroit Diesel engines are applied. Space restrictions in these numerous applications make it necessary to design an appropriate type of shield for each installation. ‪

The responsibility for designing and installing properly shaped and constructed safety shields, therefore, rests with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), distributor, or other fabricator designing or manufacturing products in which they apply Detroit Diesel engines. ‪

During operation, the outer shell, which is firmly attached to the crankshaft, turns at the same speed as the crankshaft, its motion being transferred to the flywheel through the fluid within the shell. Since “fluid-drive” is more or less inefficient with frequent speed changes, considerable flywheel slippage will take place as the power impulses are transmitted through the crankshaft. In this type of operation, the slippage is desirable since the acceleration and deceleration of the flywheel in the damper lessens the vibration amplitude, reducing its effects to a level harmless to the engine. ‪

1. Crankshaft ‪ 3. Damper Shell ‪
2. Viscous Fluid ‪ 4. Internal Flywheel


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