Detroit Diesel Troubleshooting Diagrams

Series 60 Leaking Oil Cooler

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To determine if a leaking oil cooler core is causing excessive oil consumption, perform the following: ‪

1. Check for oil in the engine coolant or radiator.
If oil is present in either the engine coolant or radiator;
If no oil is present in either the engine coolant or radiator, check for a defective air compressor;
2. Remove the oil cooler core and housing;
3. Clean both the oil side and water side of oil cooler core;
4. Perform an oil cooler core pressure test;
5. Visually check to see if air bubbles are rising to the surface of the water within the container.
If air bubbles are present
If no air bubbles are present, complete a lube oil consumption report, call the Detroit Diesel Technical Service Group for a form.

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