Air Intake Pressure Sensor Series 60G Engine

The Series 60G Air Intake Pressure (AIP) sensor is threaded into the intake manifold. The Series 60G natural gas engines use a wide range sensor that allows pressure measurement under conditions of either manifold vacuum or boost. ‪

This device is a pressure sensor that sends an electrical signal to the ECM. The ECM uses this information to compute the amount of air entering the engine. Fuel supply is regulated by the AIP sensor information to control engine air fuel ratio. The AIP sensor information is also used to control ignition timing.

1. Intake Manifold ‪ 5. Bolt ‪
2. Intake Manifold Inlet ‪ 6. Bolt ‪
3. Intake Manifold Gasket ‪ 7. Air Temperature Sensor (Different location on the High Pressure Fuel System) ‪
4. Cylinder Head ‪ 8. Air Intake Pressure Sensor (AIP)

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