Schematic Diagram of DDEC II

This system utilizes an engine-mounted ECM only with the EDU components of the DDEC I system contained in the ECM. The replaceable PROM is an EPROM in the DDEC II ECM. The ECM has isolator mounts for both vibration and electrical isolation. Depending upon application, some units have fuel cooling of the ECM. The engine-mounted system simplifies vehicle wiring for greater reliability. ‪

The DDEC II ECM is a microprocessor. It is the control center of the DDEC II system.

The DDEC II ECM is packaged in a die-cast aluminum housing with sealed connectors. It is mounted on the left side of the engine block. ‪

The DDEC II consists of the following: ‪

  • A replaceable EPROM
  • Connections to various engine sensors, operational displays, power and fuel injectors

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