Series 60 Engine Oil Temperature Sensor

The Oil Temperature Sensor (OTS) is installed into the main engine oil gallery. A typical location is the left rear corner of the cylinder block. The OTS sends an electrical signal to the ECM indicating engine oil temperature. The ECM uses this information to modify engine speed for better cold weather starts and faster warm-ups. Oil temperatures exceeding specification for two seconds or more will begin the stop engine or warning function. ‪

2 Replies to “Series 60 Engine Oil Temperature Sensor”

  1. I cannot find the oil temp sensor,the oil pressure sensor is on the rear left side of the engine the oil temp sensor is usually underneath the pressure sensor but it is nowhere to be found. Is it possible to be located somewhere else if so where?

  2. I have Detroit Series 60 , 14 L , 2005.
    On my engine is one sensor only, on that location.
    Looks like Oil pressure Sensor (base on the size and have 3 wires)
    There is NO other sensor below as on your dwg.
    On the other sideWhere other place OTS could be located.

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