Series 60 Sea Pro 300 Fuel Processor System

The Sea Pro ® 300 diesel fuel processor system consists of two primary fuel processor assemblies secured to a mounting plate with four U-bolts, washers, and nuts. Each processor assembly consists of a replaceable spin-on filter element assembly with a vent cap, seal ring, and reusable element splash guard. Each processor also has a water-in-fuel (WIF) switch that requires an optional module for activation.

1. Drain Valves ‪ 4. Mounting Plate ‪
2. U-bolts ‪ 5. Fuel Inlet Valve ‪
3. Fuel Outlet Valve ‪

2 Replies to “Series 60 Sea Pro 300 Fuel Processor System”

  1. is the primary fuel processor available as a replacement part? I have a Sea Pro 300 and both processor bottoms are rusting through.

    Thanks for your attention.

    1. I have a Sea Pro 500 system for sale on ebay. if you are interested, call me at 860-625-6678. I had the same problem with my 300’s, and ended up with a spare 500. Its new, never used

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