Series 60 Fuel Supply Valve

To determine if the fuel supply valve is causing starting difficulty, perform the following steps: ‪

Check that fuel supply valve is open; refer to OEM guidelines.

  1. If the fuel supply valve is open, check the fuel filters;
  2. If the fuel supply valve is closed, repair is necessary;

Fuel Supply Valve Repair

Perform the following steps for fuel supply valve repair: ‪

  1. Open the closed valve;
  2. Prime the fuel system;
  3. Verify fuel supply valve repair;
Test Engine with Fuel Supply Valve Open

Perform the following steps to determine if opening the fuel supply valve resolved starting difficulty: ‪

Attempt to start and run the engine.

  1. If the engine starts and runs, no further troubleshooting is required. Shut down the engine.
  2. If the engine fails to start and run, check the fuel filters;

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