Series 60 Plugged Fuel Filters

To determine if a plugged fuel filters is causing starting difficulty, perform the following steps: ‪

  1. Disconnect the fuel line return hose from the fitting located at the fuel tank.
  2. Place the opened end of fuel line into a five gallon container.
  3. Start the engine.
  4. Run the engine at 1000 r/min.
  5. Clock fuel rate for one minute.
  6. Measure the amount of fuel flowed into the container.
    1. If the fuel flow is greater than 1 gal/min (3.8 L/min), check for air in fuel;
    2. If the fuel flow is less than 1 gal/min (3.8 L/min), replace the fuel filters;

Plugged Fuel Filter(s) Replacement

Perform the following steps to replace fuel filter(s): ‪

  1. Replace the fuel filter;
  2. Test the engine to determine if starting has been improved;
Test Engine with Replaced Fuel Filters

Perform the following steps to determine if the replaced fuel filters resolved starting difficulty

Attempt to start and run the engine.

  1. If the engine starts and runs, no further troubleshooting is required. Shut down the engine.
  2. If the engine fails to start and run, check the fuel pump;

One Reply to “Series 60 Plugged Fuel Filters”

  1. My 12.7 2000 6r0561596 runs great BUT even with new filter in my DAVCO 382 the globe fills up @ a rate of 2/3 rds. in 10 miles. I just put a new return diverter valve in with no change in globe fill rate.
    I have new fuel lines and the return line from the engine is stainless steel. KW vin.855835. I had been unaware this condition had been getting worse for a while, for me 2 yrs.and 20000 miles. In the last 6K miles really got worse. Sitting idling @ 7 hundred rpm it fills @ a rate of 2″ in 10 min. Thank You KC.

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