To determine if aerated fuel is causing starting difficulty, perform the following steps:
1. Disconnect the fuel line return hose from the fitting located at the fuel tank; refer to OEM
2. Place the opened end of the fuel line into a suitable container.
3. Start the engine.
4. Run the engine at 1000 rpm.
5. Visually check to see if air bubbles are rising to the surface of the fuel within the container.
[a] If air bubbles are present, repair is necessary; refer to section 4.10.1.
[b] If air bubbles are not present, check for a restrictive air filter. Shut down the engine;
refer to section 4.11.

Aerated Fuel Resolution
Perform the following steps for aerated fuel resolution:
1. Shut down engine.
2. Tighten all fuel line connections between fuel tank and fuel pump; refer to OEM guidelines.
3. Visually inspect all fuel lines between fuel tank and fuel pump for leaks.
4. Replace damaged components as required; refer to OEM guidelines.
5. Verify aerated fuel resolution; refer to section
Test Engine with Aerated Fuel Resolution
Refer to section 4.10 for exhaust caution before proceeding. Perform the following steps to determine if aerated fuel resolution resolved starting difficulty:
1. Attempt to start and run the engine. If the engine starts and runs, no further troubleshooting is required. Shut down the engine.
2. If the engine fails to start and run, check for a restrictive air filter; refer to section 4.11.

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