Series 60 Oil Pressure Regulator Valve Parts

The oil pressure regulator valve consists of a valve body, a hollow, piston-type valve, a spring, a spring seat and a pin to retain the valve assembly within the valve body.

The valve is held on its seat by the spring, which is compressed by the pin in back of the spring seat. The entire assembly is bolted to the lower flange of the cylinder block and sealed against leaks by a gasket between the block and valve body. When conditions are such that the oil pressure at the valve exceeds 310 kPa (45 lb/in. 2 ), the valve begins to be forced from its seat and oil from the engine gallery is bypassed to the engine oil pan. Thus, stable lubricating oil pressure is maintained at all times. ‪

1. Pin ‪ 5. Valve ‪
2. Pressure Relief Pin Location ‪ 6. Spring ‪
3. Pressure Regulator Valve Pin Location ‪ 7. Spring Seat ‪
4. Valve Body ‪

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