Series 60 Charge Air Cooler

To determine if a charge air cooler is causing excessive exhaust smoke, perform the following: ‪

1. Attach a WK93 air-to-air charge air cooler test kit; refer to OEM guidelines.
2. Disconnect the air inlet hose from the outlet side of the turbocharger compressor housing;
3. Attach the air-to-air cooler test kit adaptor plug to fit into the hose at the compressor connector; refer to OEM guidelines.
4. Attach an air pressure hose to the air chuck at the regulator and gradually pressurize the air inlet system to a pressure of 25 · lb · in. 2 (177 kPa).
5. Apply a water and soap solution to each hose connection, across the face of the charge air cooler.
6. Apply a water and soap solution to the air intake manifold and cylinder head mating surface area.
7. Visually inspect all joints for air leaks and all charge air cooler welded surfaces for stress cracks

If air leaks are present around the joints, replace the charge air cooler;
If any leaks are present around the air intake manifold, repair the air intake manifold;
If no leaks are present, check for faulty exhaust system;


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