Series 60 Gear Case and Air Compressor-Mounted Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump transfers fuel from the supply tank to the fuel injectors. The pump circulates an excess supply of fuel through the injectors, which purges the air from the system and cools the injectors. The unused portion of fuel returns to the fuel tank by means of a fuel return line. ‪

The fuel pump is either attached to a drive assembly mounted on the rear side of the gear case, or driven off of the rear of the air compressor.

1. Gear Case-Mounted Fuel Pump Assembly ‪ 5. Air Compressor-Mounted Fuel Pump ‪
2. Gear Case Housing ‪ 6. Air Compressor Assembly ‪
3. Fuel Pump Drive Adaptor ‪ 7. Brass Fittings ‪
4. Brass Fittings ‪

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  1. Do you have an adaptor kit to drive the fuel pump off of the air compressor mount on the inner lower cover ?

    Please provide price and availability if you do.

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