Series 60 Coil Over Plug Ignition System

Series 60G genset engines use the coil over plug ignition system. This system consists of six coils, six ignition boots, mounting screws and seals, an igniter module, an igniter module bracket, an ignition coil harness, a ground strap, and six spark plugs. The coils mount in the rocker cover directly above the spark plugs. A coil cover mounts in the rocker cover which protects the coils and shields electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from the environment.

1. Bolt ‪ 5. O-ring ‪
2. Igniter Module Bracket ‪ 6. Igniter Coil Harness ‪
3. Igniter Module ‪ 7. Coil and Igniter Boot Assembly ‪
4. Spark Plug ‪ 8. Ground Strap


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