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DDEC III/IV System Series 60 Diesel Engine

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DDEC III/IV provides an indication of engine and vehicle malfunctions. The ECM continually monitors the DDEC III/IV system.

Any faults that occur are stored as codes in the ECM’s memory. These codes can be accessed in any of three ways: ‪

  1. A DDR can be used to read the codes.
  2. A personal computer (PC) connected to the ECM through a translator device which converts J1708 to RS232 protocol can be used.
  3. The Check Engine Light (CEL) or the Stop Engine Light (SEL) is illuminated.
    • The CEL (panel mounted yellow indicator light) illuminated diagnose condition as soon as convenient.
    • The SEL (panel mounted red indicator light) and CEL illuminated, a major fault occurred and immediate attention required to avoid engine damage.
    • Automatic engine shutdown or rampdown is available as an option. A shutdown override switch is required to allow the vehicle to be moved to a safe location during automatic shutdown or rampdown.

DDEC III/IV features programmable with a Diagnostic Data Reader (DDR) are: ‪

  • Password
  • Droop
  • Active hp braking
  • Cruise control
  • Engine brake
  • Vehicle speed limiting
  • Vehicle speed sensor
  • Variable Speed Governor cruise switch
  • Idle timer shutdown
  • Idle timer between air temperatures
  • Vehicle ID number (VIN)
  • Idle adjustment
  • Progressive shifting
  • Engine protection

DDEC III IV System Series 60 Diesel Engine DDEC III/IV System Series 60 Diesel Engine

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