DD15 Camshaft Timing Verification

Check as follows:‪

  1. Remove the valve cover.
  2. Bar the engine to TDC #1 with the #6 valve in overlap.
  3. Locate the mark on the camshaft and mark the top of the corresponding tool with a light colored paint pen.
  4. Remove the Crankshaft Position Sensor from the flywheel housing.
  5. Install the TDC locating pin (W470589001500) through the Crankshaft Position Sensor hole in the flywheel housing and engage into the flywheel notch.
  6. Install the rear timing plate (1) (W470589054000) onto the cam housing.
  7. Install the front timing tool (2) (W470589054000) into the grooves cut into the cams and pin it into the cam housing. Once it is in place, install a bolt into the tool to hold it in place.
  8. Verify that the marks on the gear match the marks on the timing plates.
    1. If the marks match, the cam timing is not the cause of excessive white smoke.
    2. If the marks do not match, research the root cause of incorrect cam timing. Refer to “1.16 Gear Train and Engine Timing” in the “Engine” chapter in the EPA07 DD15 Workshop Manual (DDC-SVC-MAN-0002).

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