DDEC MULTI ECM Electronic Foot Pedal Assembly

The Electronic Foot Pedal Assembly (EFPA) contains the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) that converts the hand throttle and/or foot pedal input from the operator into a signal for the ECM. See Figure 3-49 for the EFPA and the TPS.

The EFPA sends the ECM an input signal that controls engine power on the LSG, proportional to the foot pedal position. This assembly is also referred to as the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) assembly.

The system fault detection diagnostics will return the engine to idle speed if a sensor or associated wiring malfunction. The fault detection diagnostics work with or without an idle validation switch on the EFPA. An idle validation switch provides redundancy to assure that the engine will be at idle if an in-range malfunction occurs. The connectors for the TPS are Weather Pack push-to-seat connectors and are listed in Table 3-19.

The EFPA can be used with both LSG and VSG.

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