DDEC MULTI ECM Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Installation

An Ambient ATS Kit (P/N: 23524171) is available through the Canton Parts Distribution Center. The Kit contains all the necessary hardware to install an Ambient ATS.

Follow this procedure to install the Ambient ATS and harness:
1. Select the desired Ambient ATS, listed in Table 3-17, for the application.

2. Unplug the connector from the Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor (TBS) located on the intake manifold. See Figure 3-48.

3. Plug the connector (P/N: 12162182) on the Ambient ATS harness into the TBS, located on the intake manifold.
4. Plug the TBS connector that you unplugged in go to step 2, into the 3–pin connector (TBS connector mate) on the Ambient ATS harness. see Figure 3-48.
5. Route the harness along the engine sensor harness towards the ECM 30–pin connector. see Figure 3-48.
6. Remove the engine sensor harness 30–pin connector from the ECM.
7. Insert the single lead (circuit 907) into cavity R-1. Crimp a terminal (P/N: 12103881)
on the lead, using tool J 35123.
8. Seat the terminal into the connector and reinstall the 30–pin connector.
9. Route the body of the harness to the desired location for the Ambient ATS. Remove any excess harness material and discard.
10. Install the black lead (circuit 452) into cavity “A” of Ambient ATS connector (P/N: 12162193) and the green lead (circuit 907) into cavity “B”. Crimp the terminals (P/N: 12103881) on each lead using J 35123. Insert the terminals into the connector.
11. Secure the sensor to the desired location with the connector pointing down, and plug in the Ambient ATS connector.
12. Secure the harness to adjacent components with wire ties.

The following kit, parts listed in Table 3-18, is available from Detroit Diesel Corporation, Parts Distribution.

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