MBE 900/4000 SID 57 – Exhaust Brake Fault

Description of SID 57 — Exhaust Brake Fault

SID 57 indicates that during engine operation of the exhaust brake, a fault occurred with the solenoid that actuates the exhaust brake valve. See Figure “Typical Exhaust Brake Installation” .‪

Note: The exhaust brake solenoid is commonly located on the firewall, not shown in the following figure.

 1. Exhaust Pipe‪  5. Mounting Stud‪
 2. Constant Torque Clamp‪  6. Turbocharger‪
 3. Bracket‪  7. Exhaust Brake Valve Housing‪
 4. Exhaust Brake Cylinder‪

Figure 1. Typical Exhaust Brake Installation

This diagnostic condition is typically:‪

  • Open Circuit (057 05)
  • Short to Ground (057 06)

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