Series 60 Water Pump Parts

An impeller is pressed on one end of the stainless steel drive shaft. The other end of this shaft has internal threads, and a retaining bolt secures the water pump drive gear to the shaft. Two tappered roller bearing assemblies are used to support the shaft.

An O-ring, located in a groove in the water pump housing, seals the water pump to the gear case. An O-ring, located under the water pump cover, seals the cover to the water pump housing. The water pump bearings are lubricated by splash oil through a passage from the front of the pump housing. ‪

An oil seal is located behind the bearing assemblies, and a unitized, spring-loaded, face-type water seal is used behind the impeller. This seal prevents water from leaking down the shaft and into the gear case. It also prevents lubricating oil from entering the cooling system. The water and oil seals cannot be replaced without removing the water pump from the engine. ‪

1. Retaining Bolt ‪ 11. Oil Seal ‪
2. Washer ‪ 12. O-ring Seal ‪
3. Gear, Water Pump Drive ‪ 13. Drain Cock ‪
4. Snap Ring ‪ 14. Housing, Water Pump ‪
5. Bearing Race ‪ 15. Pipe Plug, Water Pump Housing ‪
6. Roller Bearing, Small ‪ 16. Water Seal ‪
7. Spacer Rings (2) ‪ 17. Impeller ‪
8. Roller Bearing, Large ‪ 18. O-ring, Water Pump Cover ‪
9. Bearing Race ‪ 19. Water Pump Cover ‪
10. Drive Shaft ‪ 20. Snap Ring, Water Pump Cover ‪

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