Series 60 DDEC II Engine Sensor Harness

An improved vehicle engine sensor harness which virtually eliminates the potential for wire chafing damage has replaced the former harness on all Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC II engines. This change took effect approximately October 30, 1992

Detroit Diesel has found instances of chafing on the sensor connector harness (part number 8929468) used on DDEC II engines. The chafing can occur at the end of the plastic tee-coupling where the wires from the 30-way connector enter the coupling.  The chafing results from the absence of abrasion-resistant, convoluted tubing around the wires. Installing convoluted tubing is impractical due to the shortness of the wires at this point. With no abrasion-resistant material surrounding the wires, the rough plastic ridges inside the leg of the tee-coupling can cut through the wire coatings, exposing the wires to moisture and potential shorting. Shorting can result in the logging of false DDEC trouble codes. ‪

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