Series 60 Coolant Temperature Sensor

The Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) is mounted on the right rear corner of the cylinder head, behind the turbocharger. The CTS sends an electrical signal to the ECM indicating the engine coolant temperature. The CTS activates engine protection if coolant temperature exceeds the specified limits.

5 Replies to “Series 60 Coolant Temperature Sensor”

  1. Coolant light is on along with the buzzer sounding temp gage isn’t working there is another light on as well it
    Looks like a can I thank the cooling senseser has went out truck isn’t running hot oil psi is 45

  2. Engene fan don’t turn off
    Alway on, fan clutch ok and
    Cylinoid ok . What cousing the fan clutch not stopping?

  3. My fan is always on, my mechanic says my engine should have two coolan sensors on the head but it only has one. My truck is a 01 classic with 12.7 detroit

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