DD15 Extended Crank Time Troubleshooting

Complete all other inspections (i.e. battery checks) prior to completing the tasks below.‪

  1. Use DDDL7.0 (latest version) to check for stored or active codes and repair if necessary.
  2. Check fuel level and correct if necessary.
  3. Did symptom appear after the fuel system was repaired or filter maintenance was performed?
    1. If YES, condition may be due to air in the fuel system. Refer to “Fuel System Priming” section.
    2. If NO, go to next step.
  4. Perform the Rail Pressure Bleed Off (RPBO) test. Refer to “16.9.1 RPBO Test Using DDDL” , “RPBO Test using DDDL.”
  5. Check for internal or external fuel leaks. Refer to “16.4 External and Internal Low Pressure Fuel Leaks” , “External and Internal Low Pressure Fuel Leaks.”
  6. Measure the low pressure fuel system pressures. Refer to “16.5 Monitoring Low Fuel System Pressure” , “Monitoring Low Fuel Pressure.”
  7. Inspect condition of Crankcase Position (CKP) Sensor using DDDL 7.0 or later. Is the sensor damaged or is there a loose connection?
    1. If yes, replace sensor or repair connection.
    2. If no, go to the next step.
  8. Remove coalescer and final filters and check for restricted air vents at the top of the filters or damage to the lower seals on each filter. Replace if needed.

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