Series 60 Coolant Filter

The engine cooling system filter and conditioner is a compact bypass type unit with a replaceable spin-on type element. The factory-installed coolant filter is mounted on the gear case cover. ‪

A correctly installed and properly maintained coolant filter and conditioner provides a cleaner engine cooling system, greater heat dissipation, increased engine efficiency through improved heat conductivity and contributes to longer life of engine parts. ‪

The filter provides mechanical filtration by means of a closely packed element through which the coolant passes. Any impurities such as sand and rust particles suspended in the cooling system will be removed by the straining action of the element. The removal of these impurities will contribute to longer water pump life and proper operation of the thermostat. ‪

The filter also serves to condition the coolant by softening the water to minimize scale deposits, maintain an acid-free condition and act as a rust preventive. ‪

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  1. The engine cooling fan is engage all the the time
    And the override switch is INOP.
    What could the the posible problem and what’s
    The fix for it
    Thank you

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