Series 60 Diesel Turbo Boost Sensor

The Series 60 Diesel Turbo Boost Sensor (TBS) is mounted to the intake manifold with two bolts. A rubber O-ring is used to seal the sensor to the manifold.

This device is a pressure sensor that sends an electrical signal to the ECM. The ECM uses this information to compute the amount of air entering the engine. Fuel supply is regulated by the TBS information to control engine smoke. ‪

1. Intake Manifold ‪ 3. Turbo-Boost Pressure Sensor ‪
2. Turbo-Boost Pressure Sensor Bolt ‪ 4. O-ring

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  1. This data is useful as it helps to solve problems. Often technicians do not describe problems and repairs well. P.

  2. Can the turbo boost sensor be turned up
    I put in a c hip for the barometric pressure and they I have to turn up the boost presure

    1. Have you gotten any reply? I need to do the same thing. I understand we can get different boost sensors (5 bar, 4bar, 3bar, 2bar ect.) to get different response from turbo.

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