Series 60 Valve and Fuel Injector Height Adjustment Components

Intake valve clearance and injector height are adjusted by means of an adjusting set screw and locknut located at the valve (or injector) end of the rocker arm;

1. Exhaust Valve ‪ 6. Intake Valve ‪
2. Intake Valve ‪ 7. Fuel Injector Follower ‪
3. Locknut ‪ 8. Valve Button ‪
4. Adjusting Set Screw ‪ 9. Exhaust Valve ‪
5. Exhaust Rocker Arm Assembly ‪

Note: On engines equipped with a Jake Brake ® , measure valve lash and injector height before removing any brake housings. Only remove the brake housings necessary to provide access for adjustment.

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