Series 60 Sea Pro 152 Fuel Processor System

The Sea Pro ® 152 diesel fuel processor system is used in place of a separate spin-on primary fuel filter. This system uses a high efficiency five-micron fuel filter element which requires replacement when the fuel level in the see-thru filter cover reaches the top of the element or after one year of service, whichever comes first. ‪

The Sea Pro 152 diesel fuel processor system consists of the following: ‪

  • A permanently mounted fuel processor
  • A replaceable five-micron filter element and sealing grommet assembly
  • A filter spring
  • A see-thru filter cover and O-ring seal
  • A cover-locking retainer collar/deflector
  • A cover vent cap and seal
  • An electric fuel primer pump
  • Fuel inlet and outlet valves
  • A see-thru water filter bowl and collar assembly

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